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Manufactured in the United States With Craftsmanship and Pride
by Charlie Burchfield
Nationally known, award winning outdoor writer & radio personality.

The year was 1910 when Joseph Bean, who was a minister, lost his voice. For many this in itself would spell disaster, but not for this man whose strong work ethic would take him and his fledgling company to new heights even he, no doubt, ever expected.

In 1919 the company, Ideal Shirt Company, was relocated to Sykesville, PA. Ideal lost it's founder in 1935; however, the company kept the forward momentum going as Joseph's son, Calvin, took over the business. It was the spirit of innovation that keeps the company moving ahead. It is interesting to note the important part Ideal Products has played when it comes to outdoor gear.

One of the keys to Ideal Product's sucess is not only functional gear and clothing but in the manner the company views manufacturing. Quality is the name of the game. You'll find it with Ideal Products attention to detail that includes over locked safety stitching and bar tacked pockets for extra strength are just a few of the extras that go into the manufacture of Ideal Products.

While the company has a rich history, it is also with a sense of pride that the vast majority of products that carry the Ideal name are proudly made in America. Fact is, Ideal is recognized as the oldest hunting and fishing apparel manufacturer in the United States operating under continuous ownership of one family. However in 1998 the company was sold, but the company still remains in the area.

The company is now under the leadership of Sam Prosper, a native of Pennsylvania. The ownership has changed, however the direction of Ideal remains committed to quality and providing employment for the area.

"Our goal is to continue growth, quality, innovation, and employment. The company is already working toward one of these goals. In the coming months look for a new marketing plan. The concept, called Ideal Outdoor Style will be launched that will encompass additional aspects of the outdoors. Ideal will offer a new and expanded product line. We call it Ideal Outdoor Style which will feature functional outdoor wear attractive to everyone who enjoys the outdoors, from fleece wear and jackets, to women's wear with outdoor style," Sam Prosper said. You can bet Ideal will continue to offer some of the best products for many years to come.

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